Last thoughts on New Mexico

While I originally made this blog as a way to chronicle my hiking adventures in the Southwest, like anything else in life it appears plans have changed.  After unexpectedly returning to NM for a job back in 2012, I accepted an offer to work overseas for at least 15 months in Okinawa, Japan.  The reasons are many–higher pay, job stagnation, new adventures and life experiences. With that said I would like to give a thanks to New Mexico for the opportunity to rekindle long lost contacts from when I departed in 2007, great outdoor adventures, and weekend excursions from everywhere ranging from Socorro to Los Alamos.  It has been a bittersweet decision, since if the job market locally was slightly more favorable and/or I had a significant other I would have probably stayed long term.  With that said I do sense I will make my way back to the Land of Enchantment to live sooner or later since it has become an old friend that always welcomes me back from no matter where I went.


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